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Throughout its history, Stratford has been a place of work and residence for the working classes. Despite rapid growth over the last six decades, this hasn’t changed much. Ever since the borough was annexed to become part of London in the 1960s, the social demographics have remained remarkably similar, although the immigrant population is much larger these days. In fact, most of the local residents are immigrants. They usually share flats or even rooms just to be able to afford to live in the Stratford area. 

The houses of Stratford are therefore typically overcrowded. With very little room for guests to stay. For those wanting to visit the area, there are many Stratford hotels, starting at around £65 per night. That means that, if you plan to host family and friend from out of town, a one week stay would cost you a total of £455 for their accommodation. If you work in one of the local hotels, shops or restaurants, you will likely have to work overtime just to afford this. The only other option in such an overcrowded place is for them to come and share your room. But few people in the area can afford to put out this money.

The other hotels in Stratford are even dearer. Especially those located near the station. So much so that some charge more than £10 just for beans and sausage for breakfast. And yes, that’s just for one person. So don’t even bother asking them for a quote for the accommodation for your family in Stratford. You may be lucky to find some deals out there. It’s always worth speaking to hotels directly to see if you can get some kind of discount for a long term stay.

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