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Stratford is one of the worst parts of the UK when it comes to its road safety record. In 2013, there were four cyclists killed within only 8 days at one of the roundabouts in Stratford. 

This high number of deaths on the road is comparable to the road safety in Dhaka in Bangladesh. So what makes the locals love cycling so much if using bicycles here is so dangerous? It is almost certainly not the good sunny weather throughout the year here in Stratford!

Many of those killed on Stratford roads are people who came from overseas hoping to find a better life here. Many locals are often forced to cycle to work as public transportation is too expensive for them. The daily travelcard allows people to travel to and from Stratford and Central London. At the time of writing, it costs £9.20 (May 2015).

If you work five days a week you can get a weekly travel card for £37.70. You can get a card for four weeks for £150.80, and annual cards are also available. This will allow you to commute in and out of Stratford safely (not using a bicycle). However, to many Stratford residents, this cost is far too high. It’s simply not worth it as it costs far too much. And this is why so many choose cycling, and partly why there are so many deaths here.

Other ideas

Aside from public transport, increased cycle lanes have also been proposed by many local groups. The thought is that these lanes could kill two birds with one stone. Decrease the number of cyclist deaths while also keeping the cost of commuting low. Though these plans work in theory, they often run into a problem in practice. For the time being, commuters will have to choose between cost and safety.

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