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It is not uncommon for some residents in Stratford to get married. Despite the great racial and cultural diversity of the region, many local families don’t mix. This can lead to them remaining mono-cultural for the rest of their life. 

When moving people around the Stratford area, we have noticed things like this. For example, the local Indian families hardly ever mix with people of non-Indian ethnic origin. There are however mixed White, Black, Oriental and Latin families in Stratford.

Marriage in Stratford

The number of those who decide to get married in Stratford typically attend the local registrar. Here, they sign the necessary paper to make it all official. They don’t celebrate this special occasion at all (as if there was nothing to celebrate). Some people don’t celebrate their weddings due to a lack of funds. But it can seem like it’s because they don’t plan to be together for too long. Sadly, many of these marriages last less than five years.

If you sit back and take a look at it, there is a pattern here in Stratford. For couples planning to get married, if they are of mixed nationalities, at least one of them is an EU national. The non-EU nationals are very unlikely to marry another non-EU national in Stratford. Here in Stratford, the Europeans are the most loved ones. We estimate that the length of time mixed nationalities of Stratford stay together as married is closely related to the UK government policy on British Citizenship.

The government could shorten or prolong relationships in Stratford just by shortening or prolonging the time required for people to live legally in the UK before they become eligible for British citizenship. We aren’t to say that this is what occurs, but the pattern is there.

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