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Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford is probably one of the largest in the East of London. And it is an expensive one too. Would you like a luxury item such as a Hugo Boss suit or an Omega Watch? Well, Westfield Stratford is definitely the place for you to go to. The local residents can shop from smaller shops located along all the Stratford high streets. There are many shops similar to the one illustrated in the photograph on this page. On average they are cheaper than most shops in Westfield and run by the locals.

The management of those shops changes frequently, usually in tandem with the type of influx at a time. There used to be a lot of Indian and African shops here but now the new EU arrivals took the management of Stratford high street commercial spaces over. There is an abundance of Bulgarian and Romanian food stores and cafeterias. Hardly any of the new shop owners make more than they would if they were in proper employment. If you are not used to exotic meals or if the continental European or other foreign cuisine is not your favourite you should not be moving to Stratford. If you have to live here for some reasons you might have to go to Tesco Express or Aldi to buy ready-made English traditional meals.

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