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After five years of living in Stratford, many local immigrants qualify to apply for British Citizenship. The key requirements to do this are: you have to have been legally in the country for at least five years without any long breaks, you must speak enough English to be able to pass the Life in the UK test, and you’ll have to pay at least £1,005, which covers the application fee.

Many people use a professional immigration company to help that with their application.

The process can be long as complicated, so it can be worth hiring them if you can afford it. There are many of these companies in Stratford, such as the one on the photograph of this post. They will fill in all the application papers for you and ensure that everything is filled in correctly.

This service can be particularly helpful for applicants who cannot read, write or speak good English. This is not generally a problem, however. With the help of the Stratford passport office, people easily pass the tests and acquire British Citizenship. And this is without the need for advanced knowledge of the country’s official language.

You can do the test as many times as you need to before you pass. But bear in mind you will have to pay a fee each time. You can book your test online on the Government website. You will need to study the official handbook in order to pass the test. There are many ways to practice, including an app and guidebook. You might also find short courses to help prepare for the test. These can cost from about £50 for a single day to more than £200 for a longer course.

Check if you’re eligible to apply here.

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