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There are a number of educational establishments in Stratford. Before the Conservative Government came to power in 2010 there were a number of colleges to choose from. Immigrants from low-income countries use these to sign up for the cheapest full-time course. They get a British visa and come to the UK to join the crowd of Stratford job seekers and entrepreneurs already in the country.

The government, in order to reduce the number of immigrants in the UK, closed many of these kinds of colleges.

Education choices

There are other options in Stratford for the locals to improve their qualifications. These include the Newham College, British Institute of Technology and eCommerce, the University of East London and Stratford College. However, at Newham College, they offer courses at the secondary level to the locals. But, to be eligible for public funding, you have to have been in the country for at least three years and speak good English.

You can study English at Stratford College. The prices range from £850 to £6000 per course each year. The British Institute of Technology and eCommerce charges between £4500 and £9000 per annum. And the University of East London charges £10,700 for one year of study (and that’s just the cheapest option there). If you belong to the cluster of Stratford residents described in Reason 2 and Reason 3 of this series you probably won’t be able to access Stratford education at all.

For further education, there is also the option for university courses. The University Square campus is a unique partnership between Birkbeck, the University of London, and the University of East London. They created this joint venture to meet the aspirations of local people. Students can access a wide range of courses, gain a university qualification and enhance their future prospects.

Reason 5 – that are the other options for Stratford residents locally.