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If you are considering moving to Stratford in East London, this article is for you. We’ve put together Ten Reasons for Not Moving to Stratford. You have probably done some online research before you move. This might be reading the Wikipedia article about Stratford or even visiting the Newham Council Website . Unfortunately, the online published photographic materials about Stratford don’t always tell the truth. What you saw likely hid the truth about this part of London. It is a poverty-stricken area with high unemployment. And in many ways, it is a place where the local community is lacking social cohesion.

Understanding Stratford

As a locally based mover, we see the true nature of Stratford first hand nearly on a daily basis. We know exactly what conditions the people of Stratford live in. The presentation we have prepared here for you is designed to uncover some uncomfortable truths. It’s important that you understand the facts about the borough before you decide to settle down here.

To read the reason number ONE of the 10 Reasons for Not Moving to Stratford click here. So go ahead, what are you waiting for?