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Are you thinking of moving to Stratford?

Looking for a place to relocate that offers plenty to do, including a lively nightlife?

Stratford Removals has been out and about testing the best nightclubs across the East London area. Below you’ll find our guide to some of the regions premier venues for nights out in Stratford.

We’ve found some amazing places to hang out with friends and enjoy a wide range of activities. Whether you prefer a chilled out vibe or to dance the night away, we’ve got the right place for you. East London’s nightclubs: just one of the great reasons for moving to Stratford.

Via (E4) – late-night sports and freshly cooked meals

If you like enjoying a football game, burger and sinking a few pints, Via is the place for you. With a stylish modern look and a friendly feel, it’s the ideal venue for meeting friends and relaxing. Open late most evenings, you’ll get great value for your evening. Don’t forget to check the menu for daily drinks offers, and make the most of the deals on meals.

Bar 300 (E17) – party all night with superstar DJs

Bar 300 attracts the hottest DJing talent from across the area and is ideally located for Stratford residents. Take a short train ride to Walthamstow Central and you’ll find yourself in Bar 300’s district. Coming soon to the club are Radio One’s Ronnie Hemel and dance legend Gordon Mac. New acts are announced weekly so keep an eye out for your favourite stars. Party until dawn with classic dance and the latest hits. Enjoy a wide range of speciality shots and cocktails by the skilled bartenders.

93 Feet East – traditional East End venue for bands and club nights

Rock out all night to local indie specialists or head along to a themed club night. Anything goes at this trendy Brick Lane venue. Spent the day seeing the sights of Camden? Looking for a place to visit? Stratford’s residents flock to this bar in large numbers. Why not pop along yourself and see why it’s so popular with the locals? Based in E1, 93 Feet East is easily accessed from several major tube stations. There are frequent night buses passing the end of the club’s road as well.

Rhythm Factory – from quirky coffee cafe to night-time raves and discos

If you’ve just moved to Stratford and are taking in the local sights, Brick Lane is a great place to start. Alongside 93 Feet East, the E1 district also boasts the residence of the Rhythm Factory. During the day, a great range of coffees are served. And the wi-fi hotspot makes it a popular place for students and workers. Once the evening comes around, the venue transforms into a three-chambered nightclub. There are various themed nights and parties for clubbers of all tastes and styles.

Dance Tunnel – an eye-catching venue for private parties and club nights

Whether you’re looking for underground style or big-name DJs, Dance Tunnel offers it all. Located close to Stratford in the E8 borough, this club is ideal for private parties and is often open for promoter’s club nights and for live shows by big names. A quirky building with a unique charm, this venue is best viewed twice – a visit in the day highlights the building’s exterior and it’s the unique architecture.

There’s a lot more going on as well – from shopping centres and cinemas to restaurants and museums, Stratford has a lot to offer. Are you considering a move to the area? If you’re looking for a removals company that can get your belongings moved safely, call Stratford Removals today.