Reason 9 – how to organise Guest House stratford London

Stratford throughout its history was a place of work and residence of the working classes and this hasn’t changed since the borough was annexed to London in 1960’s. Most of the local residents are the immigrants. They usually share flats or even rooms to be able to afford living Stratford. The houses of Stratford are therefore overcrowded and there is usually no space for the guests to stay.

There is however Stratford Hotel for £65 per night. If you plan to receive and take care of your family in Stratford for a week the total cost to you for their accommodation will be £455. If you work in one of the local hotels, shops or restaurants you will have to work overtime before they come and share your room with one more person to be able to afford such a expense.

The other hotels, especially those located near the station in Stratford are even dearer and they charge more than £10 for beans and sausage for breakfast per person so don’t even bother asking them for a quote for the accommodation for your family in Stratford.

Reason 10 – read what make people cycle in Stratford despite its worst road safety record?

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