Reason 6 – Stratford Entertainment for the locals.

So what are the residents of Stratford up to on Saturday nights? It varies according to their income. During the old good Labour government times many locals used to go to spend their time throughout the week drinking in local pubs such as the Live & Let Live illustrated on the photograph on the left or the Shepherds Inn. The former is now shut down and the latter has been converted to Lithuanian restaurant.

Those who enjoy sports and can pay the fees could simply walk to the Olympic Park in Stratford to see or participate in all kind of sporting competitions including swimming at the Aquatics Centre. The main attraction of Stratford since the end of the 2012 Olympics is Arcelor Mittal Orbit. To locals can reach the top of this monumental structure and stare at their borough from high altitude for £11.95 per person.

Those better off ones say that the best thing about Stratford is its station where the locals can catch the tube to Central London to drink expensive beer (£4.50 approx for a bottle of Becks 330ml bottle)  and other alcoholic beverages.

In Stratford the remaining pubs and Stratford entertainment are now in the process of being converted to Halal Restaurants or to Tesco Express like the Pigeons near our office at Maitland Road.

Tesco Express like the Pigeons in Stratford


Reason 7 – What else can the locals shop in not at Westfield.

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