Reason 5 – getting the British Citizenship from Stratford Passport Office

After five years of living in Stratford many locals qualify to apply for the British Citizenship. The key requirements are: you have to be legally in the country for at least five years, speak enough English to be able to pass the Life in the UK tests and have at least £1005 to pay for the fees.

Many use services of Stratford based companies such the one illustrated on the photograph of this posts to fill in all the application papers for them. This is because some applicants cannot read, write and speak good English. This is not a problem however because with the help of Stratford passport office people pass tests and acquire British Citizenship without the need of advanced knowledge of the country’s official language.

Demand for the Stratford passport office services grows as many fear the consequences of UKIP joining the British Government after the 2015 elections. Many non-native people of Stratford feel the resentment from the natives towards them and immigration at large. Applying for the British Citizenship gives them the feeling of belonging to the local community. The natives however don’t feel the same. For them immigrant with or without British passport is still an immigrant.

Reason 6 – what are the options for the entertainment for the locals in Stratford.

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