Reason 3 – Stratford Businesses – How entrepreneurial the residents of Stratford are.

Due to lack of adequate to the local population job opportunities, the people of Stratford are entrepreneurial. The unemployed locals, usually immigrants who are not eligible for benefits collect scrap metal or offer cheap cleaning services paid well below the national minimum wage. There is a large number of painters and property decorators without formal qualification for the job. These people are employed on the black market helping other immigrants to complete building works cheaply.

The other Stratford entrepreneurs include cheap builders who compete with each other on price and charge cash for their service as the prices they usually agree on are so low that if they paid tax on their income they would be left with no profit. More financially fluent individuals save money and buy vans to offer cheap man and van service. Half of the money they usually earn go to large corporates such as Gumtree, the place where they advertise their services. They also compete on price and often get in trouble when the van breaks and they have to buy an expensive part to make the van work again.

Few clever entrepreneurs, especially those who either or both don’t pay tax or pay their helpers very little build their own companies and later employ more people to grow their businesses. After few years in business some of them realise that doing business and making money are very hard and close their companies to pursue education at the local schools in Stratford.

Reason 4 – what are the chance for education and getting qualifications for the residents of Stratford


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