Reason 2 – Stratford Jobs Hiring – the Local Car Wash Company

Considering the demographic nature of Stratford: age, nationality and language spoken, the job opportunities available to many are normally created by the local car wash company and other similar SMEs. Other jobs in Stratford are only available to those who speak well the English language and are usually offered by retail companies based at the local Westfield shopping centre . These jobs like all the other retail jobs in the country are low paid, the national minimum wage or for the experienced retail worker £1 on to of the national minimum wage per hour.

The workers of Stratford in order to afford the accommodation locally must share their flats or rooms they rent with other people. The well paid jobs in Stratford are only for the privileged ones, usually people born and educated in Britain or very clever immigrants at the local council and the NHS. The well off members of Stratford community are the landlords of properties rented by the poor ones employed locally or the people employed in the City of London. Due to lack of sufficient and adequate employment opportunities in Stratford, the locals do everything they can to make money.

Check Reason 3 – what do the people do to make the living in Stratford.

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