Reason 1 – Poor Quality of Accommodation Stratford London

Many of Stratford residents live in housing provided by the local authority the Newham London Borough Council. The quality of this kind of accommodation really depends on who lives in it and how clean and organised the people living there are. Most of our Stratford customers care for their homes well, however we moved people in and out of private and council accommodation in Stratford and noticed nearly all poor quality of accommodation Stratford London have problems with rising damp. Some of the houses we saw had moldy walls and smell unfresh.



The accommodation available to the people of Stratford consist mainly of houses build as family homes more than 150 years ago. These houses have been converted into small flats and shared by number of people who live in squalid conditions in some cases for many years.

bad accomodation in stratford london

The new tower blocks recently build near the Olimpic Park in Stratford are usually too expensive for the working class Londoners.

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