Piano Removals


Moving a piano is a specialist task. If not done right, damage can be caused to your piano, and you may also injure yourself. Don’t risk your valuable instrument or your own safety – let a professional piano removals company handle the task.

Stratford Removals offers a professional piano removals service to private business clients across the local area. With a trained team and specialist equipment, we get the job done safely and ensure that your prized instrument is transported correctly. From upright pianos to grand pianos, we can move even the largest of instruments quickly and without risk.

Planning the move

Before we start moving your piano, we’ll plan the best route and discuss all possible options. We always aim to find the quickest and safest route from your piano’s location to our van or to its new spot, ensuring that it is not in transit any longer than required.

Preparing your piano

If not moved correctly, your piano could suffer damage along the way. From being knocked out of tune to receiving irreparable bodywork or internal damage, the risks are too great to take risks. That’s why we recommend locking your piano’s lid down before the move, and wrapping your piano in blankets or specially designed covers to keep it safe. If this is done before the movers arrive, it will save you time and therefore reduce our fee further for you. However, if you’re not sure where to start or how best to protect your piano, we’re happy to help when we get there.

Moving your piano

All of our team members are covered by comprehensive insurance for your protection, and we are all fully trained in manual handling and lifting. We’ve got years of experience in piano removals, business relocations, delivery services and other transportation work, and we’ve built up a fantastic local reputation as a result. Trust your piano move to Stratford Removals – you’re in safe hands with our team.