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10 Reasons for Not Moving to Stratford London

If you are considering moving to Stratford in East London you better read our Ten Reasons for Not Moving to Stratford first. You probably done some online research including reading the Wikipedia article about Stratford and visiting the Newham Council Website. Unfortunately the online published photographic materials about Stratford you saw so far usually hide the very truth about this part of London as a poverty stricken, with high unemployment and a place where the local community is lacking social cohesion. As a...
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Nightclubs in Stratford

NIGHTCLUBS AROUND STRATFORD Are you thinking of moving to Stratford? Looking for a place to relocate that offers plenty to do, including a lively nightlife? Stratford Removals has been out and about testing the best nightclubs across the East London area, and below you'll find our guide to some of the region's premier venues for nights out in Stratford. We've found some amazing places to hang out with friends, meet new people and enjoy a wide range of activities. Whether you prefer a chilled out vibe or...
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Removal Companies in Stratford

REMOVAL COMPANIES IN STRATFORD, EAST LONDON Are you looking to move within Stratford, or to a different region? Do you need a removal company who can move you onto the continent? Need a shipping team for international deliveries and transportation? From haulage to storage, Stratford is home to a wide range of removal companies and support services - perfect for moves of any size. Below are just some of the companies who provide removal services alongside Stratford Removals. Whether you're transporting a single item...
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